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Builtfirst Integration SuitePartner integration options for emails, notifications, and SSO
How to Set Up a Testing EnvironmentFor Partners needing a test environment for Builtfirst
Marketplace Images: Best PracticesRecommended sizes & SVG uploads for Partner marketplaces / communities
Embed Anywhere!How to embed your Builtfirst marketplace / community into your own website
How to Install Your Embed iFrameAPI to get notifications from your embedded Builtfirst marketplace page
Marketplace NotificationsBuiltfirst email guide for Partners using webhooks or integrations
Outseta IntegrationFor Partners who want to connect Builtfirst to Outseta
Buyer Management APIManage your marketplace / community members via API
Builtfirst's API: Redemption ExampleFor Partners that want to enable offer redemptions using Builtfirst's API