Seller Account Startup Guide

For vendors new to using Builtfirst

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As a new Seller, we'll need to collect some details about your company and services/products offered. This page highlights the steps you'll take to get your account set up.

1) Add your company details

After you log into your account at, click the person icon in the top right corner and go to My Company to add your company's description, website, logo, and social media handles.

This information tells Partners more about your company when they are searching for Sellers to work with.

2) Add your name

From the same menu in the top right, go to My Profile. Adding your name helps Partners know who to contact with questions.

You can also update your notification settings from this page.

3) Create a listing

A listing is information about the product/service your company provides. This is not where you'll list specifics about the deal(s) you're offering - that comes next!

Guide: How to Create & Edit a Listing

All deals/discounts are housed under a listing, so you must create at least 1 listing to start.

Want more details about how listings work? Check out Listings vs Deals.

4) Create a deal

A deal is a specific offer that you want to list for your Partner(s). For each deal, you can set 1 or multiple recipients (i.e. target audiences).

Guide: How to Create & Edit a Deal

5) That's it!

Once you've created a deal and made it live, your Partner(s) will be notified. It's up to them to complete the final step of adding your deal to their community.

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