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Overview of how notification emails and alerts work for individual accounts

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Actions taken by you, your team members, Buyers, and Sellers can trigger various email notifications to you and your internal team. By default, all notifications are on when you create an account.

Note that even as the owner of an organization, you can only enable/disable notifications for your individual user. Updates on this page don't change settings for your team members.

Looking to edit notifications for your marketplace Buyers? Head to Marketplace Notifications.

Clickpath: Top right menu > My Notifications


These emails keep you up to date on your organization's internal account and include:

  • New team member added: A new user has joined your organization as a team member

  • Setting changes: Someone has made changes on the My Company page

  • Request to join: A new user has identified as your team member and needs your approval to be added to the organization

Sell Your Products

These emails only apply if you are creating offers as a Seller (vendor) and include:

  • Deal deletes: A deal has been deleted from the Products page in your seller profile

  • Chat: A Partner has sent you a message via the Builtfirst Inbox

  • *Email based redemption request: A Buyer has asked to redeem your deal

  • *Email based redemption renotify: A Buyer that has asked to redeem your deal is waiting for your followup

*As a Seller, you decide if Buyers will redeem via landing page or email. If using email-based redemptions, make sure you don't disable your notifications!

​Build Your Marketplace

These emails only apply if you are a Partner with an active marketplace/community and include:

  • New community creation: A team member clicked "Add Marketplace" on the Marketplaces page

  • Deal requested: A Buyer would like to see a specific deal/vendor added to your marketplace

  • New available deals: A Seller has created a new offer that can be added to your marketplace

  • New seller onboarded: A new Seller is available for your to view in Builtfirst Catalog

  • Chat: A Seller has messaged you via the Builtfirst Inbox

  • Analytics webhooks failures: An error has occurred with a webhook your organization has set up between Builtfirst Analytics and your third party site/tool

  • Join community request: A user has requested access to become a Buyer in your marketplace

Marketplace Specific

These emails are controlled per each individual marketplace/community that you own as a Partner and include:

  • New buyer onboards: A user has joined your marketplace as a Buyer

  • Invitation rejects: A Buyer has rejected your email invitation to join your marketplace

  • Deal removed from community by seller: A Seller has deactivated an offer that was once live in your marketplace

  • Deal removed from community by partner: A team member in your organization has removed a deal that was once live in your marketplace to return it to the Builtfirst Catalog

  • Item new review: A Buyer has submitted a review for a Seller's offer in your marketplace and needs your approval

  • Removal of listing in community: A Seller has deactivated a listing (i.e. product/service) that was once live in your marketplace

  • New seller in catalog: A new Seller has become available in the Builtfirst Catalog for this specific marketplace

  • New seller onboarded in community: A new Seller has accepted your invitation to generate offers in your community (*note: does not mean they have created offers for you to see in the Catalog yet)

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