Builtfirst Glossary
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Below is a list of common terms you'll see while using Builtfirst.



interchangeable with "redemption"; clicking through each step of the deal redemption to see details, terms, and instructions related to a discount (note: deals are not applied by Builtfirst directly, buyers must follow instructions that Sellers outline in the activation flow)

Active Buyers

portfolio companies that a Partner has approved to join their community

Active Sellers

Sellers offering pre-negotiated deals for specific Partner(s) to curate

founder, customer, community member, portfolio company


a grouped view of deals, organized by a Partner


marketplace, list of deals


selecting deals to show in a community (can only be done by Partners), selected deals can be featured and/or endorsed

discount, offer

Eligible Sellers

Sellers offering deals for any Partner to curate

category (for deals, visible only to Sellers)

marking a deal as visible to your target audience (for Sellers)


your company account/profile in Builtfirst (can be Buyer, Seller, or Partner)

VC, community/marketplace manager

vendor, provider

list of deals that can be added to a marketplace/community (visible only to Partners)

unique url to access a Partner's community

Partners/communities selected as eligible to curate a specific deal (for Sellers)

coworkers that are a part of your organization in Builtfirst

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